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If you’re struggling in your business and have looked everywhere for the root of the problem but can’t find it, 你正在寻找的答案可能在你最意想不到的地方——在你的it部门. Problems with IT affect all aspects of your business and that’s why more and more business leaders are looking to manage IT services to turn IT into a function that doesn’t just support operations but fuels their growth. 

你是否已经在外包IT服务, have a small internal team, 或者是一些“精通技术”的人来处理事情, 在与IT斗争的组织的故事中也有类似的主题. 排在第一位的是安全问题, IT problems that never get solved, 以及无法利用新技术.  

As if that were not enough, there’s a ripple effect that creates an undercurrent of frustration and stress that threatens customer and employee satisfaction when IT isn’t running smoothly. And what about the surprise bills that come in every month for things you didn’t know you needed or problems you thought were already fixed? 

是时候停止挣扎,让It运行托管It服务了. In this article, we’re going to walk you through the reasons why managed IT services are the solution you’ve been looking for, 以及如何选择合适的供应商,使您的合作伙伴关系的结果符合您的期望.  

是时候停止挣扎,让It运行托管It服务了. In this article we’re going to walk you through the reasons why managed IT services is the solution you’ve been looking for, 以及如何选择合适的供应商,使您的合作伙伴关系的结果符合您的期望.


除非您有正确的IT方法,否则您无法从IT中获得想要的结果. What do we mean by approach?

您现在最有可能经历的是对响应式IT方法的依赖. 也就是说,除非有触发,否则IT不会采取行动. 触发器可以是任何东西,从员工的支持请求到服务器崩溃. 这可能是网络攻击,也可能是突然意识到你所有的软件许可证都过期了.

依赖响应式IT意味着您会遇到很多意外. 如果是你的生日,惊喜是好的, 但如果这意味着手术要中断好几个小时,那就不太好了, days or even weeks.


  • 你按小时支付IT支持费用.
  • Hardware failures are common.
  • 你觉得你的IT公司已经跟不上你了.
  • 你从来没有时间提前计划.
  • Your IT systems are unpredictable.
  • You’ve had a cyber-attack.

The bottom line is that a faulty approach to IT means that you end up spending energy and resources that don’t get you anywhere because IT isn’t serving your business.



因此,如果您的IT方法不能为您的业务服务,那么您正在寻找哪种方法呢? 答案是既要主动,又要被动, and unless you’re an enterprise-level company you’re probably going to have to look to outsourcing to get it and that’s where managed IT services come in.

Managed IT services is an approach to technology management that includes both proactive and reactive activities that are focused on creating reliable, 安全的技术,使业务运作和激发创新. Services are delivered for a flat monthly fee by an experienced team of technology professionals who bring you all the IT specialties needed to run your business, 包括专家IT指导,帮助您规划和预算未来.

Having shared goals with your managed service provider (MSP) is key to a successful relationship with the MSP that you choose, and it’s what separates true managed IT service companies from those that are just using the term to describe a hodge-podge of services and calling them “managed.”

你可以更好地理解这种差异,如果你考虑 MSP应该如何引导你的商业旅程. Here’s what that looks like:

他们与您一起改善业务运营, manage cyber risks, 并帮助你找到利用新技术的方法.

It takes planning and proactive IT management to take you from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow.

Technology experience matters.
无论您处于IT改进的哪个阶段, the interactions that your employees and customers have with technology makes a difference that translates into satisfaction and retention.


如果在IT方面变得积极主动和具有战略意义是解决IT(和业务)困境的办法, 您可能想知道是否可以从内部IT获得相同的结果. 这是一个很好的问题,我们可以通过思考从每种排列中得到什么来思考这个问题.

Some of the pluses of keeping your internal IT team are that these people are already knowledgeable about your business and have relationships with your employees. 如果所有人都在一个办公室里,当有人需要帮助时,他们就在咫尺之遥.

On the downside, 当你有一个内部的IT团队, 人员流动可能会使您陷入极度的IT支持赤字. 除此之外,你还需要成为招聘、雇佣和培训IT人才的专家.

Additionally, 小型IT团队的知识和带宽是有限的, 他们可能不具备指导IT战略所需的领导素质或专业知识.

如果您能够克服所有IT人员需要一直在现场的想法, then you can start to see how managed IT services can give you many benefits that you can’t get with a small internal team like:

  • Access to every IT specialty
  • 工作角色与个性的一致性
  • Better management of cyber risks
  • Just right capacity
  • Fast response time
  • 知识冗余和文档
  • IT guidance



而全力投入托管IT服务将使IT管理完全脱离你的工作, 有时,用部分管理的it来增加内部团队是有意义的.

共同管理的安排甚至可以很好地过渡到完全管理的IT, 特别是如果你认为你的内部团队将来可能会有一些人员流动. In fact, 一些公司不仅将管理IT视为解决其IT问题的解决方案, 但最好的办法是克服他们 IT staffing challenges.

The direction that you go with outsourcing IT depends in large part on the capabilities of your internal team, 以及你希望他们承担多少IT负担. 托管IT服务通常有四种安排可供您考虑.

All-Inclusive Managed IT Services -所有资讯科技及澳门赌场网址大全管理均予外判.

共同管理基础设施的IT服务 -将整个网络的管理和维护外包.

共同管理服务台的资讯科技服务 -员工服务台服务外包.

Co-Managed Cybersecurity Services -澳门赌场网址大全管理和监控外包.



Whatever arrangement you choose, 您与托管IT提供商的共同目标应该是改进您的业务的IT功能. Furthermore, partnering with a managed IT service company should lead to better business outcomes including enhancing your competitive advantage.

Think of IT like a race car. 这辆车本身就是为高性能而设计的, 但真正的荣耀是车手用它来赢得比赛.

The way you build your technology to win the race is with IT strategy and the guidance of a virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO). 当你在一家管理IT服务公司工作时, you should have access to a vCIO who will meet with you on a regular basis to learn about your business and connect your business goals and challenges with technology solutions.

When you have ongoing strategic guidance about IT you can:

  • 对技术投资做出自信的决定.
  • 创建高功能的IT系统,改进业务操作.
  • Effectively manage cyber risks.
  • 提高员工满意度和保留率.
  • 改进你提供产品和服务的方式.


在选择托管it服务提供商时, 你肯定想在你的谈话中包括关于业务成果的讨论. In fact, 如果医生不谈治疗结果, 但我只想谈谈他们的酷技术, that’s a red flag.

这并不意味着你根本不会谈论技术, 但科技话题应该围绕管理网络风险等结果展开, enabling your employees, 更好地为顾客服务.

问一些问题,这些问题可以帮助你建立起对一起工作的期望. These are questions like:

  • 你们管理IT服务的方法是什么?
  • 告诉我你的员工中有哪些不同的IT角色.
  • 我们可以期待什么样的响应时间?
  • 你的澳门赌场网址大全方法是什么?
  • 我们未来的关系会是什么样子?


Learning about the company’s approach to IT and cybersecurity management are probably the most important areas that you want to dig into. 记住,即使你选择包罗万象的路线,你也要扮演一个角色.

您应该准备投资于IT改进,以创建坚实的技术基础. 这实际上是您和托管IT服务提供商共同的目标. 您还应该准备好保持硬件和软件的更新. 这不仅有助于技术的平稳运行,而且是一种重要的澳门赌场网址大全策略.


Having a monthly fee and making a commitment to invest in your technology may mean that you’ll have to allocate more resources to IT, 但这也可能意味着你花得更少了. 这绝对意味着你花钱更明智了.

将通过IT策略过程确定和计划IT改进. You’re probably wondering what to expect for the flat fee.


范围之广取决于你是走包罗万象的路线还是共同管理的路线, 以及月费中包含和不包含的具体内容. 在评估托管IT服务合同时,需要注意以下几点.

  • 是否包括无限制的服务台支持? How about escalated support?
  • 你会经常做什么样的主动IT管理任务?
  • 你能支持我们所有的业务应用程序和web应用程序吗?
  • 数据备份是否包含在月费中?
  • Is baseline cybersecurity enough?
  • 是否包括vCIO的服务?

同样重要的是要了解什么不包括在你的每月固定费用. Don’t expect a managed IT service provider to pick up the tab for any network improvements or new hardware. 您还需要继续支付软件的成本, 语音通信和互联网等服务的许可和第三方费用.

There’s a lot that the provider has to do to get services up and running so you should also expect a separate onboarding fee.


改变对有些人来说是很难的,当你在做某事时,某种程度的破坏是不可避免的 过渡到新的托管IT服务提供商. 你的整体经验将取决于公司的入职流程.

平稳过渡最重要的因素是开放的沟通. The provider is going to ask for lots of information about your IT systems and users that they’ll be supporting. 你需要一个联系人来帮助你收集所有的信息.

如果你已经在一家IT支持公司工作,并且你和他们的关系仍然很好, 他们应该能够给你你需要的东西——如果它存在的话. It’s possible that your network doesn’t have all the formal documentation that’s needed to learn about your IT systems. 新的提供者会很乐意接受你能给他们的任何东西.

Keep in mind that during your transition is that there may be issues that need immediate attention and will incur costs. These could be things related to security like out-of-support hardware and software and other dangerous security vulnerabilities, 或者它们可能是使您的网络可支持所需的措施.

Make sure that you let employees know what’s happening and make sure they know how to contact support on day one of the new services.


如本文前面所述, 战略性地使用IT是从您的技术中获得最大价值的方法, 但这在实际中是什么样子的呢?

For many companies, 第一步是应用IT最佳实践并建立适当的澳门赌场网址大全基线. Oftentimes, 最佳实践被忽略了,因为以前的IT团队没有时间去获取它们, or they didn’t know what to do. 与此同时,安全措施滞后,无法跟上新威胁的发展.

因此,您的IT路线图的第一个目标是构建坚实的技术基础. 当你的科技从嘈杂变成安静, you might be tempted to think that the need for managed IT services is decreased but that couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s because of managed IT that you’re able to mature your network and getting everything running smoothly.

一旦你打下了基础,你就可以开始创新了. When you’ve previously never been in a position to successfully adopt new technology or utilize technology in ways that optimize business operations, 你会发现这是你可以利用技术作为竞争优势的时候.


Here at Bellwether, we partner with organizations in the New Orleans region to bring them all of the benefits and advantages that managed IT services can offer. 我们的团队100%在美国,我们大多数人在新奥尔良地区生活和工作.

我们想帮你探索什么是真实的 managed IT services can do for your business. 保持联系,安排一次会议.

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